Deep Reinforcement Learning for Small Teams

On Thursday, October 12th, we hosted a tech event at our HQ to share some of the shiny new toys we’ve been building.

The office was jam-packed, so we’ve written up our talks for those that couldn’t make it. We’ve got more events in the pipeline, so be sure to follow us on Twitter (@SpaceApeGames) so you can get a heads-up before the next event fills up.

This is what we got talked about this time:

  • Scalability & Big Data Challenges In Real Time Multiplayer Games, by Yan Cui and Tony Yang, Space Ape Games
  • Advanced Machine Learning For Small Teams, by Atiyo Ghosh and Dennis Waldron, Space Ape Games
  • Serverless: The Next Evolution of Cloud Computing, by Dr. Steve Turner, Amazon Web Services

Check out Tony and Yan’s post on creating a real-time multiplayer stack!

Dennis and I talked about our recent adventures with reinforcement learning (see video at the bottom of this post). We had an ambitious agenda:

  • How reinforcement learning can help our customers get what they want, when they want it.
  • An overview of Deep Mind’s deep-Q learning algorithm, and how we adapted it to our use case.
  • How we used a serverless stack to minimise friction in building, maintaining and training the model. We are small team, busy with building new things: low maintenance stacks are our friends.
  • How our choice of stack determined our choice of deep learning framework.

It’s a lot of material to cover in a short talk, but we managed to answer some questions at the pub afterwards. For those of you with questions who couldn’t make it there, leave a note in the comments 🙂

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