Creative Engineering: The Source Of Your Imagination

In another instalment of our technical events series, today we hosted Creative Engineering: The Source of Your Imagination.

In this jam packed event we heard from Tom Mejias, Bill Robinson and Matteo Vallone.

Tom Mejias spoke about how we decide which projects to start, and which architectures we use to get them off the ground. He described our fail fast philosophy on prototyping, and the razors with which we judge our prototypes.

His slides outlining his approaches and learnings are here:

Bill Robinson gave us an insight into how animation curves can be used for game balancing with his Multi-Curve editor. He also introduced UIAnimSequencer – a tool to quickly add juicy transitions and animations within Unity.

You can see his slides including his video demonstration here:

Matteo Vallone revealed how to make your game stand out and give it the best chance of success in the market. As former Google Play Store Manager he gave a valuable insight into making a big impact with your game launch. Now as an early stage game investor, he described how to maximise your game’s discoverability by building a beta community, engaging with app stores teams and partnering with influencers.


We are always looking for talented game developers at Space Ape Games. If you’ve been inspired by hearing about how we work, have a look at our careers page.

A video of the whole event will be posted here shortly. Follow @SpaceApeGames for all the latest announcements.

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